Having a solid backup is one of the most important things you can do to protect your business. Threats to your data include hardware failure, power outage, natural disaster, user mistakes, ransomware and other virus attacks. A recent study by the hardware manufacturer Seagate found that 54% of people know someone that has experienced data loss. 25% have no data backup at all. For the sake of your business and your piece of mind, avoid falling into these groups. While you are thinking about keeping your files safe, don’t forget about those important family documents and irreplaceable photos on your home computer. We can help with that as well.


Along with installing and configuring local backup systems, we partner with Carbonite and MAXfocus to provide you with a backup strategy that fits your needs. A tailored solution will take into account the amount of data to be protected, the type of data, retention needs, compliance issues, bandwidth considerations, and of course the cost of the solution.


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